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This introductory book explains much more than this website about your Negative Core beliefs, the signs that tell you if you a negative core belief is blocking you from success or from growing your self-empowerment.

Introduction to Core Belief Balancing Book N-1 2013 (now more than 80 pages)

Your belief system and how it works
Your F reaction patterns when you are triggered

How your core beliefs bind your reality
Four positive gifts that come from a negative core belief

A Fifth positive gift - Balance

Your automatic intention and self fulfilling prophecies
Supporting beliefs - two case studies
Resonance - every day of your life ...
Your inner gifts
Examples of typical core beliefs

Free Negative Core belief detector kit


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After you have read  Introduction to Core Belief Balancing  you can decide if you would like to take the next step which is identifying your own unique negative core beliefs. This doesn't require a visit to an expensive psychotherapist but it will take a couple of hours of your time completing the worksheets in Blue Book N-2. You can purchase these books separately if you like or save money if you buy them as a full set. 


A. Red Book N-1 has many extras and additional features not included in Introduction to Core Belief Balancing, updated articles, an extra 10 pages and the latest full list of over 200 typical negative core beliefs. Red book N1 normally costs $8.50 but you can get it now free  if you buy it with Blue Book N2.  

B. Blue Book N-2 normally costs $8.50 but with your discount it is now only $6.50 (USD or AUD) and with it you get the Full version of Red Book N1 free. 

Then comes the really powerful part, Balancing your Core beliefs. How you do this is explained in Gold Book N3. 

C. Gold Book N-3 normally costs $8.50 but with your discount it is now only $6.50 (USD or AUD)  

D. Green Book N-4 normally costs $4.80 This book explains Advanced Core Belief balancing using Voice dialogue and also some other alternative ways of balancing core beliefs. It is free when you buy the full set of books.

N-5 There is a separate book N-5  with duplicates of all the Personal Activity Sheets in all the books for easy printing and to save you looking for each one in each book.


Purchased separately these powerful tools, even with your discount, would have cost over $20.00 , but you can now get the whole set Books N1. N2, N3 and N4 together for just $14.95 (USD or AUD) while this offer remains open. 

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The full 2013 edition of Red book N-1 , plus the latest 2013 editions of Books N-2, N-3 and Book N-4 plus Book N-5 (a duplicate set of activity sheets for easy printing)

You can read more about the content of each of these books in your Introduction to Core Belief Balancing .

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Like a detailed table of contents of the workbooks Book A book B Book C and book D. ? Go to Book 2 series Outlines Contents and other details and if you have another question my e-mail contact address is

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What is a negative Core belief?

Why it is not easy to recognise your Core beliefs

Examples of negative core beliefs - is yours on this list

Typical over-reactions - the 'F' patterns

Fable - The case of the stolen self-esteem

Where did they come from?

The self-fulfilling prophecy trap

Why you react when a core belief is triggered
More about core beliefs - Resonance

Why you cannot remove or change or alter or engineer a core belief

Five Gifts from Your Old negative core belief

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