Queensland - Australia


Northern suburbs Chermside, Aspley, Bald Hills Ph: (07) 3261 2882 John Nutting ; BA Psych; QCA (Clinical)

Other practitioners in Queensland and Northern NSW:

Bardon Counselling Centre - Brisbane :
Rosamond Nutting - Psychologist - Ph 07 3368 1300

Melody Bass - Surfers Paradise - Gold Coast Phone 07 55 76 0555

Ron Bass - Surfers Paradise - Gold Coast Phone 07 07 55 76 0555

Far North Queensland

Robyn Kirby

Vibrational Healing
Mission Beach, North Qld
Phone: 61 7 40 688 070
Mobile: 0418 771 378
Robyn is a Spiritual Psychotherapist and has trained in Body Dialogue and Voice Dialogue with Judith Stone (Hal Stone's daughter) in Boulder, Colorado (USA), Robin and Paul Gale-Baker and Michael Rowland and has practiced Voice Dialogue for more than 5 years.
She successfully combines Voice Dialogue with Body Dialogue. She is a Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Advanced Modeller of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and holds a Certificate of Counselling, Distinction from James Cook University, Qld.

CORE BELIEF BALANCING GROUPS held regularly at Bald Hills; Queensland North and South Coast and Sydney NSW

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Professional Background - John Bligh Nutting
BA Psych; QCA (Clinical)
Qualified psychotherapist lecturer, trainer, counsellor and xxxx facilitator - 40 years experience
Sixteen years in private practice. Forty years experience in counselling while lecturing in TAFE, Qld University of Technology (QUT) and other colleges. Extensive success with couples, using the latest relationship techniques learned in the USA and Australia

I have now almost completed my new counselling room at Bald Hills on the Northern side of Brisbane Queensland (Australia). From the start of 2012 I am happy to work with you here on self-awareness, self-empowerment, inner child and core belief and other associated processes covered in this website.
I also run training groups at Bald Hills, the Queensland North and South coast, and Sydney in all the above areas.
Ph Brisbane Queensland ( 07) 3261 2882 or Mobile/Cell 0414 57 00 16 or e-mail me

More about John Bligh Nutting (personal background)

Counselling Programs Available in the following areas:
1. Increasing your positive motivation, personal happiness, Balance old core beliefs; remove or overcome inner clamps and blockages, become more successful in life. Raise self esteem. Have more peace, joy and intimacy in your relationships.

2. Balancing overwhelming feelings, over or under reactions
to situations or events including panic attacks, excessive fear, withdrawal, frozen feelings, shame, confusion, doubt, emotional pain, feeling smothered or over-controlled in a relationship.

3. Learning to moderate unwanted negative emotions including anger, resentment, jealousy, overly critical or overly judgemental attitudes towards others, negativity and blame, particularly where these patterns affect your relationships at home or at work.
4. Discovering new partnership and friendship skills
Increase your capacity to relate with people you care about. Strengthen boundaries. Release blocked emotions.
5. Special programs for clients working on their personal growth following relationship breakdowns, loss of a job or partner, rejection and abandonment, failure and other trauma.
6. Support for individuals or couples dealing with dependency (addiction) issues, including drugs, alcohol, work addiction, love and relationship addictions. Also other dependencies including gambling; negativity, computers, internet etc

Counselling for Couples

1. Couples seeking help to overcome communication problems and difficulties maintaining joint trust and happiness particularly core belief issues of not feeling "good enough"
2. Couples who care strongly for each other and both want assistance to stop constant fighting and arguing (negative bonding) These repetitive patterns are characterised by feelings of devastation in one or both partners which they experience as "loss of love". Typically other partner displays behaviour described as "distancing or deserting" at the same time. Often, one or two sessions can resolve the problem, but if the issue has led to temporary separations or proposed separation, additional sessions may be needed.
3. Problems related to excessive or obsessive control by partner, family members or other people
4 Loss of intimacy (sexual and or non sexual) intimacy blockages, fear of intimacy, fear of engulfment.
5. Emotional Imbalance, where one partnerís level of emotional or sexual attraction is not matched by the other partner.
5. Non-clinical, sexual problems, particularly inhibitions, loss of desire, sexual instability, inappropriate sexual behaviour, sexual blocks, irregular desire and similar difficulties

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