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Stand Firm, Grow or Fly Free with Balanced Negative and Positive Core Beliefs

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What is a negative Core belief? | Why it is not easy to recognise your Core beliefs | Examples of negative core beliefs | Typical over-reactions - the 'F' patterns | Fable - The case of the stolen self-esteem | Where did they come from? | The self-fulfilling prophecy trap | Why you react when a core belief is triggered | Why you cannot remove or change or alter or engineer a core belief | More about core beliefs - Resonance | Understanding different kinds of belief | Make a list of the things that Trigger You? | Identify your own Core Beliefs | Core Belief work sheet 4a | Five Gifts from Your Old negative core belief | Core belief Counselling in Queensland | Core Belief Story and Worksheets sent by e-mail | Introduction to Core Belief Balancing Offer |


The whole process of identifying your own negative core beliefs and then balancing them is a very individual matter. There are no general rules, no standard step by step approach. If there was I would print it here.

To achieve success also requires some time and thought on your part. I have found it works best for people who are serious about this to do the work step-by-step in their own time.

If you would you like to :

1. Discover your own hidden troublemakers and identify your own negative core beliefs

2. Find out how to balance your negative beliefs with positive ones. It's easy once you know why you need to balance them (and why you must not try to get rid of them altogether)

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I invite you to copy and print any information on this site for your own use FREE of any payment. These articles, including many extracts from the 2000 edition of the book "Growing Awareness" can help you make the changes you want to make in your life, improve your self esteem, loving and relationships and bring more and success into everything you do.

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Acknowledgments -

I gratefully acknowledge the valuable help and understanding I received while writing about Belief Systems, firstly from Nikki Nemerouf and Jeffrey Young and also from John Falcon and Sergei Gorski for their guidance and valuable additions to my understanding. I emphasise that the following pages do not follow precisely the core belief, core schema or core profile models as taught by any one of these outstanding teachers. However, many of the ideas on this website are clearly based on their original work and the training I did with them.

From that point I have introduced some alternate concepts, in particular the connection between core belief work and the psychology of the inner selves (voice dialogue) as taught by the late Dr. Hal and Dr. Sidra Stone. I have found that dialoguing with the beliefs themselves as "characters" inside us is one of the most useful skills (often the critical factor) in clarifying, and balancing old core beliefs.

I thank Earl Cass and Anthony Bligh (Nutting) for their support and expert suggestions an

With appreciation - John Nutting